5 comments on “‘Who Are You?’ Wednesday Meme

  1. I am MacKenzie Dillon, aka Mac, from Heather Long’s newest paranormal ghost story, “Haunt Me.” A romance novelist, who inherited her great aunt’s house, I am HAPPILY divorced. However, this blonde Adonis of a next-door neighbor, who incidentally, offered to buy my house…several times…keeps stopping by. Between the ghost who may be living here and Justin, aka. broad-shouldered, thick-chested, temptation in tight jeans, I need to find a way to work all my frustrations out. Over and over and over.

    Here’s a link to the book: http://www.heatherlong.net/bookshelf/haunt-me

  2. Well, I am Laura from His Brother’s Bride by Rose Gordon. I am from America and have come to England with a betrothal contract to marry Elijah Banks that I kind of blackmailed him into signing. However, he just got married to a childhood friend, so I was greeted by his twin bother Henry. For a while he pretended to be Elijah but I saw through his deception. One thing lead to another and we ran off to Gretna Green. It was really quiet romantic. Then I had to face the real reason I came to England – revenge against the woman who had my first husband’s heart, Madison Banks. It got really complicated there for a bit, but it all worked out. Madison I became friends and I fell in love with my husband, Henry, and he with me. HEA

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