‘Who Are You?’ Wednesday Meme


I first came across this meme on Rabid Reads and thought this would make an awesome weekly feature to see what all of you are reading and perhaps discover something new.

I’ll start. The last book I read was Wicked Waves by Sharon Kay. I am Brooke Bonham, sister to Nicole and Gin, and I recently found out that we are known as the Solsti and part of an ancient prophecy. Each of us has special abilities linked to one of the four elements. Mine is water. The demon Watcher Kai is a thorn in my side. He’s a jerk – he thinks I will fall at his feet like countless other women have, and he calls me ‘Sprite’. I hate that nickname. And yet, whenever he’s near, he stirs things inside of me. When I watch him spar, I want to run my tongue all over those tight pectorals. But I have to focus. There’s an evil coming that my sisters and I will have to battle, but first, I have to visit the Demon realm with Kai. We’ll be alone. Oh my.

Your turn – Who Are You?

5 thoughts on “‘Who Are You?’ Wednesday Meme

  1. I am MacKenzie Dillon, aka Mac, from Heather Long’s newest paranormal ghost story, “Haunt Me.” A romance novelist, who inherited her great aunt’s house, I am HAPPILY divorced. However, this blonde Adonis of a next-door neighbor, who incidentally, offered to buy my house…several times…keeps stopping by. Between the ghost who may be living here and Justin, aka. broad-shouldered, thick-chested, temptation in tight jeans, I need to find a way to work all my frustrations out. Over and over and over.

    Here’s a link to the book: http://www.heatherlong.net/bookshelf/haunt-me

  2. Well, I am Laura from His Brother’s Bride by Rose Gordon. I am from America and have come to England with a betrothal contract to marry Elijah Banks that I kind of blackmailed him into signing. However, he just got married to a childhood friend, so I was greeted by his twin bother Henry. For a while he pretended to be Elijah but I saw through his deception. One thing lead to another and we ran off to Gretna Green. It was really quiet romantic. Then I had to face the real reason I came to England – revenge against the woman who had my first husband’s heart, Madison Banks. It got really complicated there for a bit, but it all worked out. Madison I became friends and I fell in love with my husband, Henry, and he with me. HEA

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